About Us


Flyspot was created in order to make dreams of flying come true and for us to be able to share the emotions of being lifted off the ground.

Flyspot was created for big and small, young and old – so that everyone could experience what has been the eternal human dream for centuries.

Flyspot was created for everyone to fly!

Come and join us!

We provide emotions and experiences unattainable anywhere else and on top of that, we make dreams of flying come true. It is possible due to the most powerful and the best wind tunnel in the world.

Our clients often say that we create an unrestrained addiction and prove that what seemed to be impossible until now, has become feasible.

Likewise, our clothing brand that includes apparel and accessories, has been inspired by the passion for flying. We value quality and know the importance of comfort during any physical activity. Our clothes offer not only comfort, but also durability and breathability alike. That’s what FLYSPOT apparel stands for.

The idea for FLYSPOT clothing collection has emerged as a result of our clients’ desire to relate even more to our mission of making dreams come true. Thus, while designing our apparel and accessories, we have listened to all suggestions and advice coming our way.

That is our first line. We are planning to launch many more products, colors, and designs.

We would love to hear your opinion and/or any suggestions, as the FLYSPOT brand has been both inspired by and created for You!

We provide unforgettable emotions, addict you to the most extreme of pleasurable experiences as well as make your dreams of flying come true – all that in the most comfy of clothes!

We have the best and most powerful wind tunnels in the world!

Keep in mind that we are here for You and your satisfaction is our priority. The number of our regular customers is rising on a daily basis as who frequently visits us knows we stand behind our motto. We are rather modest, but our success proves that we are indeed the best!

We don’t beat about the bush, nor do we use any tricks. We simply love what we do and that directly translates to how we do it. Get to know us, our tunnel, and our FLYSPOT clothing brand!


See who is ready to answer every single of your questions.


High quality, reasonable prices and clear rules.



Check out our online store and see for yourself that we offer all you need to become a full-blown FLYSPOT fan 😉



We do everything in our power to ensure that our clothes are made of the high-quality fabrics.


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<p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-size: 10pt; color: #f0f0f0;”>Easy return, exchange, and warranty policies – all available to you for your convenience and peace of mind while shopping with us.</span></p>



The majority of our orders are sent almost instantly! The rest is up to the courier… 🙂


Flyspot is not only clothing brand. Visit us and become a fan of our wind tunnel!


A wind tunnel is a technology that makes the eternal human dream come true – free floating in the air, flying like a bird.

We have created the best and most powerful wind tunnel in the world. We are capable of providing emotions and sensations unattainable anywhere else. We offer experiences which until now were within the reach of only those performing extreme sports. In Flyspot, everyone willing to can be lifted into the air without taking any risk associated with aviation sports.

All that takes place in a very unique building designed by the best Polish architects and it is conveniently located in Mory, on the border of Warsaw and Ożarów Mazowiecki, right by the Warszawa Zachód highway junction.